Staff training for the main trial gathers momentum

We are busy delivering training

We are busy delivering training for the staff in the PR services which have been randomised to set up and run a PR-buddy service as part the IMPROVE trial. Each PR service is expected to nominate at least three staff to undertake the training, some have asked us to train more. 


Some of the PR staff training can be completed online but we're delivering the final day face-to-face. To minimise travel for PR staff we have chosen to vary the location of training days. So far our training team has been to Coventry, London, Birmingham and today we were delivering training to 8 PR staff in Manchester.  At the time of writing 16 PR-staff from 4 PR services have completed the staff training course and have started PR-buddy recruitment. We have more training planned for December and in January of next year.


Although we've all got used to doing lots of our work online it's fantastic to meet up in person to complete this training which is aimed at preparing the PR staff to recruit and then train a group of volunteers who are going to be PR buddies in their service. We know how busy PR services are; we're very grateful for all the PR services who are involved in the trial and for releasing their staff to undertake this training.


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