Two new research assistants join the IMPROVE team

Two new research assistants join the IMPROVE team

We are delighted to welcome Natalie (Nat) King and Jessica (Jess) Kawalek who are both working as full-time research assistants on the IMPROVE trial. Nat joined the team in September 2022 and Jess then joined in January 2023. Nat is based at King’s College London and Jess is based at the University of Leeds.

For Nat and Jess, their research assistant roles will involve supporting a variety of research activities including recruitment of trial sites and participants, helping to train PR-staff in the sites that are setting up PR-buddy services, visiting trial sites, and assisting with research interviews and focus groups.  

Nat and Jess will also be involved in assisting PR-buddies with using smartphones to record interactions with the patients that they are supporting. These recordings will be analysed to understand more about the usefulness of PR-buddies in supporting uptake and completion of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  

Nat’s first degree was in biology and she completed her MPH Public Health in September 2022. Jess has a background in the field of psychology and looks forward to applying her knowledge in the IMPROVE trial.


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